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August 16, 2021

Q&A With Toyota: Why is Mobile Collision Assistance Important for Customers?

As the latest addition to Toyota’s Safety Connect app, Collision Assistance will now be available to drivers in the moments following an accident. In this Q&A with Steve Basra, Toyota Motor North America, Connected Technologies Group Vice President, we discuss how this step-by-step approach works, what this new personalized experience means for drivers, and why Toyota partnered with CCC and selected CCC® Accident Advisor to power their solution.--

Tell us about the new Collision Assistance service for Toyota and Lexus drivers.

Basra: Collision Assistance is the latest feature within the Safety Connect suite of products. It provides drivers with a guided post-collision experience to document the accident, digitally notify their insurance carrier of a claim, and expedite the collision repairs all from the convenience of the Owner App available to Toyota and Lexus customers.This is an all-new feature available to Toyota and Lexus customers. We’re excited to be able to offer this enhancement to our customers via our Owner app. Like our other mobile app features, we will continue to enhance this product to offer our customers innovative and useful features.

Why was it important for Toyota to implement post-collision guidance for its drivers?

Basra: In the event an accident occurs, Toyota wants to put the driver at ease during a critical time of uncertainty and confusion by offering an intuitive and comprehensive approach to the handling of crucial post-collision tasks.

Why did you choose to partner with CCC on this mobile solution?

Basra: We saw an opportunity to deliver our customers a telematics data-enabled feature that would expedite the post-collision resolution process and help get them back on the road quickly. We chose to partner with CCC because they are a leader in accelerating digital transformation using real-world solutions.

How does CCC Accident Advisor align with Toyota’s Safety Connect app and overall approach to driver safety?

Basra: The importance of our customers’ safety can’t be understated. We see the opportunity to provide reassurance and just-in-time assistance to our drivers who have been in an accident. By leveraging CCC’s accident resolution technology to improve the overall post-collision experience via a seamless telematics data-enabled mobile app, we’re delivering peace of mind and help when it is needed.

How do the connections to insurance carriers and repair facilities benefit your drivers?

Basra: Collision Assistance enables our drivers with a full end-to-end mobile safety experience to capture the complete FNOL (First Notice of Loss) details, digitally notify their insurance carrier, and conduct a targeted search for a nearby repair facility. Collision Assistance offers a just-in-time solution to accelerate the insurance claims handling process and reduces the repair cycle time thereby getting the driver back on the road quickly.

What Toyota and Lexus models is Collision Assistance available on and when will it be available?

Basra: Collision Assistance is available now for Toyota and Lexus owners who have an active subscription or are with in the trial period of select 2018 model year or newer vehicles.

How can Toyota and Lexus drivers activate this service?

Basra: The driver can launch Collision Assistance two ways:

  • By pressing the SOS Button in their vehicle and being connected with an agent who will provide guidance to locate and launch Collision Assistance within the Toyota or Lexus owner app.
  • By launching Collision Assistance directly from within Toyota or Lexus owner app.