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February 15, 2021

Enable Safe, Efficient Customer-to-Shop Payments

Over the past 12 months, virtually all businesses, including repair facilities, have focused on two areas: safety and savings.


For collision repairers, safety in the shop has likely always been a concern, but recent events have amplified the need to find new ways to keep customers and staff safe. It’s not only the right thing to do, it’s also a business necessity. Customers need to feel comfortable enough to bring their vehicles in for repair. Shops everywhere are implementing rigorous disinfection procedures for cars and waiting areas. However, one area that might get overlooked is the checkout process.Checkout is a key component of a safety protocol and reducing points of physical contact. Here are two elements to consider:

  • First, using a card reader that accepts contactless payment cards as well as Google and Apple wallet will help customers minimize their physical contact with the credit card terminal. The CDC recommends moving the card reader farther away from the cashier,if possible.*
  • Secondly, setting up remote payments for customers to pay via email or text before picking up their vehicle can eliminate physical contact. Leave their paperwork in the car, and the customer can pick up their vehicle without stepping foot in the office.


While business has picked up again for many shops, and the year-over-year decline in CCC-processed repair claims in June was 25% less severe than the decline in May, we know 2020 was a difficult year for the industry. Updating your shop’s credit card processor can help you find better deals on credit card processing fees to save more money per transaction. And as an added benefit, some new credit card processors can integrate with shop software, leading to fewer data entry mistakes and less work for staff in trying to reconcile receivables.CCC can help shops explore how to reduce touch points and increase savings in the checkout process through integration with Clearent. Best of all, the Clearent processing solution is integrated with CCC® Repair Workflow to give facilities better accounting control.To learn more about the CCC integration and how the Clearent solution can deliver peace of mind, visit our CCC® Payments page.*Source: