We’re on a mission to turn crucial moments into intelligent experiences.

By orchestrating data, advanced AI, and ecosystems at scale, CCC can help insurers focus on the moments that matter most. From early notice to resolution, claims experiences are smart from the start, seamlessly connected and always empathetic. With CCC, claims just work.

CCC Chairman and CEO Githesh Ramamurthy shares how CCC's new intelligent architecture will transform experiences across the P&C insurance economy.

Discover how CCC makes life just work for collision repairers, insurers, and auto manufacturers.

Intelligent Experiences by CCC

When the unexpected happens, CCC’s technology platform, the CCC IX Cloud, will have the power to help customers solve any number of challenges by delivering intelligent experiences.

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What is the CCC IX Cloud?
How does the CCC IX Cloud work?
Can you provide an example of how the CCC IX Cloud functions in practice?
What sets the CCC IX Cloud apart from traditional systems?
How does the CCC IX Cloud benefit different stakeholders?

CCC Chief Strategy Officer Marc Fredman share's CCC's blueprint for the future of insurance: intelligent experiences. Learn how CCC is driving toward a future where customers can optimize every experience for best possible outcome for everyone involved.

Intelligent experiences: the new standard in P&C insurance economy,  where technology and human intelligence align to make life just work.

From UI to IX: the evolution of experiences

Intelligent experience will revolutionize how humans and businesses in the P&C insurance economy interact with technology - and each other. This paper explains how.

Auto Manufacturers

Learn how intelligent experiences can improve the repair experiences of your drivers.

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Collision Repairers

Learn how to make your life easier and your business more efficient.

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