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Industry Trends with Susanna Gotsch – February 2019

Connor Jenkins / Crash Course, Trends /

The cost of vehicles has risen as automakers have increased the complexity of vehicles with more safety features, telematics, and other technology. In this month’s edition of Industry Trends, Susanna addresses the consequences of those rising vehicle costs and what it means for your business. To check out the rest of the #CCCTrends series, visit CCC’s […]

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Industry Trends with Susanna Gotsch – January 2019

Connor Jenkins / Crash Course, Trends /

  What is to come in 2019? Hard to believe yet another full year has passed by –and yet here we are, at the start of 2019. Among the top stories of 2018 within the collision repair and insurance industries were those underscoring the growing complexity of vehicles, their repairs, and the demands among consumers […]

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AI in Claims – It’s Happening Now

John Haller / Insurance /

By John Haller, Chief Data Scientist & Christoph Plenio, Vice President R&D, CCC Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning are more than futuristic concepts. These technologies are impacting the insurance industry in a significant way right now and this impact is likely to increase in the near future. The idea of Artificial Intelligence (AI), […]

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Role Insurers Play in Body Shop Success

Bart Mazurek / Collision Repair, Insurance /

When it comes to customer service, the claims process represents a great opportunity for all stakeholders. This is especially true in APD claims, where the right technologies, communication efforts, and coordination among participants can help the vehicle owner efficiently finalize his/her claim, fostering lifelong loyalty. What happens when there is a hiccup somewhere along the […]

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CCC Uses a Single Photo to Usher in New Era of Smart Claims

Michelle Hellyar / Insurance /

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Comes to Life in CCC Smart Total Loss™ Solution, Improving Accuracy, Expediency for Total vs. Repair Decision Chicago, IL, OCTOBER 16, 2017 –CCC Information Services Inc. (CCC) introduced today its CCC Smart Total Loss™ solution, an AI-powered claims solution that uses and analyzes a single photo to help auto insurers predict a […]

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Harvey: Trying to Gauge Impact

Susanna Gotsch / Perspectives /

To understand potential impact of Harvey on insurance losses to date, a comparison to past events can be instructive.  The following graph illustrates the impact on just total loss costs from several major weather events between 2003 and 2012. Superstorm Sandy was by far the most impactful, with both the volume and cost of the […]

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Rethinking the Business Case for Usage Based Insurance in Private Passenger Auto

Deke Phillips / Data, Perspectives, Telematics /

Strategize to Get the Most out of UBI Programs Several well-meaning experts in this space have written about the unsustainability of usage-based insurance (UBI) programs due to high costs and low returns. They argue that when you add up all of the acquisition, technology, and administrative expenses, as well as premium discounts or other incentives, […]

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Next Gen Hyperscale Expectations

Reza Roohalmini / Data, Perspectives, Telematics /

Data, Information, and Knowledge – The Trinity of Enterprise Value Based on the fundamental premise that data, information, and knowledge, are three intricate, indispensable, and interdependent elements, hyperscale systems – distributed computing environments that efficiently scale from a few servers to thousands of servers – are being built to unearth its untapped business values with unprecedented […]

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Building for the Future

Naved Siddique / Data, Telematics /

Change Brings Innovation We know that the collection, storage, and use of huge amounts of data will have a profound effect on the automotive insurance industry, as well as OEMs and collision repairers. Collectively, we do ourselves no favors by pretending massive change doesn’t exist, or hoping someone else will  figure it out. Together, all […]

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