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Telematics Changes Everything

The capability to cheaply pull data out of a car to describe how it moves through space and time changes everything. Pricing, claims, sales & marketing, and the relationships we have with our consumers will never be the same.

Featured Experts

Steve McKay, Chief Executive Officer - DriveFactor

Steve McKay founded the telematics firm Drive Factor which CCC acquired in May of 2015. Prior to this, Steve spent 11 years as a product manager at Progressive and was responsible for marketing and consumer experience for usage based insurance from 2007 to 2010. He has also worked in consumer finance at Capital One and in strategy consulting. He has a JD/MBA from the University of Virginia and an A.B. in economics from Harvard College.

Mac Fraser, Chief Information Officer - DriveFactor

Mac has more than a decade of experience designing, implementing, and maintaining enterprise IT systems at companies including Capital One, Circuit City, and FedEx Kinkos. He has an M.A. in biological anthropology and Bachelor of Arts degrees in both anthropology and classics from the Pennsylvania State University.


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