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Bridging the Gap Between APD and Casualty

We’re linking APD and casualty data at scale to revolutionize the way claims are processed. We’re shortening decision times from days to minutes or even seconds.

Featured Experts

Scott Palmer, Product Innovation Consultant

Scott Palmer is a Product Innovation Consultant and former Senior Vice President for Products & Technology at CCC Information Services, contributing to the company’s science-based analytics and research for auto claims solutions. Before joining CCC, Scott founded Injury Sciences LLC, the first and leading provider of science-based auto claim evaluation technologies, which was acquired by CCC in December 2012. Scott has worked in the field of injury causation since 1987. He is the architect of numerous claims technologies that facilitate the use of repair estimate data to evaluate the cause of injuries and auto “black box” information in the evaluation of liability and injury causation.

Gregory Bannon, Vice President
Product Management

Greg joined CCC in 2007 as an executive in the insurance services group. Since that time, he has held various positions in the company’s strategy and product groups. Currently, he leads new product and market innovations for CCC. Before joining CCC, Greg spent 11 years in various management positions in the technology and insurance industries. Greg holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Notre Dame and an M.B.A. from Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management in Marketing and Finance.


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