Crash Course 2017

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It seems 2016 was truly an inflection point, making 2017 a year when so much of what we’ve been talking about actually has taken hold. As consumers, homes, devices, vehicles, and more have become increasingly connected, it is changing the way that consumers interact with everything. The growing number of digital connections means greater access to information. This information will bring even greater understanding into your customers, their preferences, and behaviors; it will also create operational transparency and insights into new risks that insurers may decide to underwrite.


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Whether it’s the Car, the Consumer, the Insurer, or the Repairer, all are experiencing an immense amount of change and disruption to traditional notions of how to conduct and grow business and engage and retain customers.

A snapshot of this year’s report.

The graphics above are just a small sample of the powerful insights you’ll find in this report. To trace the evolution of the industry and learn what these trends mean for the future of your business, take a closer look inside.

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