CCC® Direct

Built for shop owners and managers to ensure top performance - simplified.

The world of collision repairs has massive complexity that will only grow overtime. CCC® Direct empowers owners and staff with the tools they need to provide outstanding service and quality repairs, every time.

  • Quality Assurance

    Ensure your shops quality assurance & reduce risk

  • Highly Customizable

    Easily configure CCC® Direct to meet your specific needs

  • Actionable Insights

    Take action on real-time performance insights

  • Fully Integrated

    CCC® Direct snaps right into your CCC ONE Total Repair Platform

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CCC® Direct Overview


Define and empower your repair teams to operate at your level of quality.

Checklists allow you to define your unique operational process that your staff will use every day. Your customized standard operating procedures (SOPs) are digitally encoded into CCC ONE

Every event completed in the repair process is automatically logged based on the task type. Checklists enables your shop to standardize and document a highly variable process and track quality and completeness.

  • Rules-Driven

    Define events and rules for tasks you want completed

  • Role-Specific

    Define the tasks that each role needs to complete

  • Dynamic by Repair

    CCC ONE automatically computes and updates checklists throughout the job.

iPhone application

CCC® Direct Checklists

Tame car repair complexity - Manage staff and goals - Reach your compliance goals

Checklist Features

  • Electronic Sop

    Your customized standard operating procedures (SOPs) are digitally encoded into CCC ONE

  • Automatic Logging

    CCC® Direct automatically logs events including users, date, time, notes, and photos

  • Strong Security

    Access controlled by login and traceable through reporting

  • Photos & Notes

    CCC® Direct provides the ability to define optional and mandatory notes and photo capture steps

  • Customizable

    Define your unique operational process to build custom checklists

  • Reports = Data API

    Reporting across all repair orders at all levels of detail


Get directed to what’s important with customized dashboards & take action.

With Dashboards in CCC Direct, you’ll be able to see how your business is performing at-a-glance and have the ability to dig into metrics and trends for deeper understanding.

Easily create custom dashboards to view data that is meaningful to your business. Set goals and chart progress using visual aids like bar graphs, line charts, big numbers and more—you choose how you see your shop’s performance data.

  • Easy Customization

    Build custom dashboards that meet your exact needs

  • Trackable Performance

    Track metrics over periods of time to drive efficiency

  • Shareable Data

    Share data with team members to ensure quality

iPhone in a hand

CCC® Direct Dashboards

Scalable from 1 shop to many - Shareable with staff members - Accessible from anywhere

Dashboard Features

  • Real-Time Metrics

    Gain instant insights on your business in real-time

  • Mobile Access

    Runs on phone, tablet, web and desktop devices

  • Performance Tracking

    Track metrics over periods of time to drive efficiency

  • Goal Setting

    Track business performance against customizable goals

  • Visualize Data

    300+ charts and metrics aid in visualizing your business

  • Personalize & Customize

    Build custom dashboards that meet your exact needs

Accessible Business Intelligence Tools

CCC® Direct provides role-based management, analytics, and reporting tools made to give you the level of insight that is most comfortable for you and your shop's needs.

  • Centralized reporting at your fingertips
  • Versatile analytics tools tailored for your shop
  • Personalized real-time KPI management
  • Device-agnostic access and availability

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