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CCC Automates Damage Detection for All Major Vehicle Types in the U.S.
Exclusive heat maps automatically detect damage for all major vehicle types in the U.S.

CCC makes it easy for insurance estimators to reference vehicle photos, videos, exclusive damage detection heat maps, and red flag alerts to write claim estimates remotely, and in a fraction of the time. CCC automatically detects and visually represents damage on color-coded heat maps covering every major OEM brand and vehicle type in the U.S., including SUVs, sedans, coupes, convertibles, vans, pick-ups, hatchbacks, and wagons.*

Independent side-by-side tests show 9 out of 10 consumers preferred estimates when delivered with heat maps that clearly highlight the damage versus estimates delivered without heat maps.

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Predicting the Future
by Inventing It

CCC Puts the AI in Claims™

Artificial intelligence, deep learning and telematics, along with the everyday ubiquity of smartphones, inject claims with a power that wasn’t viable even a few years ago.
Today, CCC leverages innovation to galvanize claims, from predicting a vehicle total loss in seconds to automating damage detection to pushing state of the art technology to transform claims.
  • Experience

    With more than 30 years of experience, CCC has processed nearly 200 million claims.

  • Knowledge

    Our supercomputers learned to “think” by processing countless collision photos and 1.6 million variables…

  • Intelligence

    …requiring over 12 quintillion computations, that’s 12 million trillion transactions.

  • Advantage

    And with tens of thousands of daily claims, our AI gets smarter and smarter, every single day.

A Claims Revolution

CCC breakthroughs revolutionize claims for a changing world. AI-injected tools can instantly identify total loss from repairable vehicles, detect damage and help automate claims, estimating, review and more.

Smarter FNOL/MOI

CCC provides easy-to-use tools for insurers to share with their customers that help collect crash data, remotely and accurately inspect vehicle damage, and make AI-based recommendations on how a claim should be handled.
  • A single photo can be submitted through a variety of channels and analyzed by CCC AI models.

  • Algorithms predict with greater than 90% accuracy whether a vehicle is a total loss or repairable—and recommend preferred methods of inspection based on insurer rules.

  • On-scene services such as tow trucks can be automatically dispatched and intelligently routed to repair shops or salvage yards, saving time and money on additional tows and storage fees.

Smarter Inspection

Vehicles routed for repair are processed faster and easier than ever, thanks to the power of new photo analytics and artificial intelligence that are now drilled into CCC’s estimating AI-powered capabilities.
  • AI is applied to photos to automatically detect vehicle damage on every major vehicle brand and body type in the U.S. including sedans, SUVs, coupes, convertibles, vans, light trucks, hatchbacks, and wagons.

  • Damage is visually depicted on heat maps, which provide a more visually literate, color-coded view of the damage. Studies show 9 out of 10 consumers prefer estimates when delivered with heat maps than without heat maps.

  • Easy-access inspection tools provide a virtual window for estimators to inspect vehicle damage from their desks, easing and speeding the estimating process. Estimators can zoom in/out, adjust angles, contrast and lighting to zero in on the damage.

Smarter Total Loss Care

Starting with a single photo, CCC can predict a total loss from a repair. Once identified as a total loss, artificial intelligence makes it possible to resolve the time-consuming, paperwork-laden processing in a fraction of the time.
  • Advanced mobile tools can help consumers and other 3rd parties capture images of the vehicle’s interior and exterior to automate optioning and conditioning.

  • Tools help speed market valuation processing and acceptance. Paper trails can be digitized and automatically processed to help expedite ownership transfer, lien release, e-signatures and more.

  • Consumers and insurers are provided with real-time status updates during the entire process.

Smarter Casualty

Telematics crash data provides instant insights on the energy of vehicle impact to revolutionize on-scene predictive methods of inspection and injury triage. Non-telematics breakthroughs apply data science and AI to vehicle damage appraisal and injury analytics, delivering superior insights into negotiation and consistency of settlement.
  • With today’s telematics devices and apps—and the continued emergence of connected vehicles—crash pulse data is analyzed to triage injuries and provide science-based insights to transform casualty claims.

  • Even without telematics, big data-driven AI models integrated into our workflow deliver no- to low-touch, high accuracy insights into the force of a crash, potential for injury and estimated recovery time—providing the market’s first data science-based window into 3rd party claims.

  • Patented technology compares crash energy to injury reports to provide early intervention and detection/ warning of potential fraud.

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