CCC® Direct Provides Shop Owners with Better Tools to Drive Efficiency and Quality at Their Shop

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The New Solution Offers Checklists and Actionable KPI Dashboards

CCC Information Services Inc. (CCC) announced today the availability of CCC® Direct, a new repair management tool that helps shop owners and managers implement, operationalize, and manage standard operating processes across their business. CCC Direct includes two key features ‘Checklists’ and ‘KPI Dashboards’ that work together to drive efficiency, consistency, and performance. These tools give owners and managers a way to document the many and varied steps of their repair process and to measure performance through real-time dashboards. CCC Direct is an integrated feature within the CCC ONE® Total Repair Platform.

“We consistently hear three things from shop owners,” said Mark Fincher, VP, Market Solutions, CCC. “First, is that with vehicle complexity increasing, eliminating or reducing missed steps is becoming increasingly difficult; next, that using paper to document processes provides little value since it’s static and can’t be measured, and lastly, that getting a simple, holistic view of the business anywhere at any time is more critical now than ever before. CCC Direct was designed with the owner in mind. It gets to the heart of these issues and helps owners and managers drive efficiency, accuracy, and compliance into each job. CCC Direct moves beyond existing role-based management tools, and provides owners with new ways to better manage the productivity and health of their entire business, including the front- and back-office.”

CCC Direct – Key Features


Checklists help to standardize and properly document the highly variable repair process, tracking quality and completeness. The Checklist feature allows owners/managers to define and create custom tasks, which are dynamic based on the type of repair, the damage present, the insurance client, and other attributes. Tasks are tracked in real-time allowing technicians or office staff to complete/incomplete, pass/fail, take photos, or notes depending on the task type.

KPI Dashboards

The KPI Dashboards help to set goals and track performance and to show how a shop is performing in real-time. With the KPI Dashboards shop owners/managers can see how their business is performing at-a-glance or they can dig into metrics and trends for deeper understanding. Setting goals and charting progress is made easy with visual aids, and views can even be established based on facility, region, or company-wide. Using, dashboards can be accessed from any internet-enabled device at any time enabling owners to constantly have their finger on the pulse of their business.

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