A little mustard, please.

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I saw the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile when I was a kid and it was the coolest thing. I pointed at it and yanked on my mother’s sleeve, she smiled and told me she remembered seeing it when she was a little girl. That day burned an image in my memory that hasn’t faded a bit. It’s why I always smile when I see the Wienermobile.

So you can imagine my angst when I learned that a Wienermobile had been totaled in an accident earlier this year. I work for CCC®, and I naturally wondered how you would value such a unique vehicle?

Vehicle valuations are a sophisticated operation. Numerous factors such as, mileage, model, year, options and condition need to be accounted for to calculate the value of a vehicle. CCC has been providing the industry with fast, accurate vehicle valuations for over 30 years and has the resources to provide valuations for unique vehicles.

Fortunately, Oscar Mayer has six Wienermobiles roaming America’s highways and backroads bringing smiles to those who catch a glimpse of these iconic vehicles. When vehicles aren’t so lucky – whether common or unique — CCC is ready to provide you with vehicle valuations.