CCC Launches Electronic Parts Invoicing

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Chicago, IL, October 18, 2013 – Parts invoicing is time-consuming work that traditionally requires repairers to re-key parts information into a shop management tool and manually reconcile invoices. Today CCC Information Services ushers in a new era of parts automation with the availability of the industry’s first electronic parts invoicing functionality that comes integrated within CCC ONE™ Repair Workflow. The new parts invoicing functionality makes it possible for parts suppliers and repairers to send and receive parts invoices through CCC’s shop management solution, providing repairers with a paperless option for their parts procurement and invoicing processes. Today’s announcement follows the recent launch of the CCC TRUE™ Parts Network, CCC’s parts-focused initiative which is connecting auto parts suppliers with CCC’s expansive customer base of repairers.

“Providing a single connection between auto parts suppliers and repairers was the first step in CCC’s commitment to deliver a comprehensive solution to drive more efficiency into the parts selection and procurement process,” said David Boden, Vice President, CCC Parts Services Group. “Today’s announcement addresses a key issue that many repairers spend considerable time on: manual invoicing and reconciling parts orders against receipts.  With the electronic parts invoicing functionality, repairers can easily manage orders, deliveries, costs and parts supplier discounts.  Auto parts suppliers are also able to provide an easier way for repairers to select and purchase their parts.”

The electronic parts invoicing functionality is being rolled out to repairers in waves through November 2013 and will initially be available to repairers that order Keystone, a LKQ Corporation company, aftermarket parts via CCC ONE Repair Workflow. The invoicing functionality will be extended to other parts suppliers that participate in the CCC TRUE Parts Network. Click here to learn more about the CCC parts solution.

Parts suppliers interested in becoming part of the CCC TRUE Parts Network, please visit: