Do You Know about the Ford Collision Truckload Program Benefits in CCC® Estimating?

Elena Pismennaya / Auto OEMs /

Though you may not have been aware of the program due to its seamless integration into CCC Estimating, but you could already be benefiting from savings on hundreds of parts. The Ford Collision Truckload Program features comparable OEM parts at a fraction of the price. For insurers, this means that any collision repair shop, or dealership that is in your network, utilizing the program, may pass their cost savings onto you. Staff appraisers are also able to access the savings via CCC Estimating.

Ford Customer Service Division’s (FCSD) Collision Truckload Program has been designed to provide more flexibility to Ford and Lincoln dealers that purchase the high-volume truckload parts, pass the cost savings to insurance companies, repair facilities and vehicle owners.

The program has been in place for 20 years, and covers over a dozen part types. New parts and features are added twice a year to keep high volume parts competitively priced.  All Ford and Lincoln dealers are eligible to purchase parts offered on the program.

The parts on the program are the same quality OEM parts that Ford sells through their dealership network.  CCC Estimating users have been taking advantage of the reduced pricing for many years.  Repair facilities using CCC Estimating that have a Ford or Lincoln dealership added as an electronically-enabled supplier in their profile may see modified part numbers with a CP suffix on live quotes from that dealer. In other cases, Repair Facilities as well as Staff Estimating users will see unchanged part numbers without the suffix. If a part is eligible for the Truckload Program, all users will see reduced prices in CCC regardless of the displayed part number format.

Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions about this program in CCC Estimating

Q: When is this coming to CCC Estimating?
A: This pricing has been available in all versions on CCC Estimating for many years, and our users have been taking advantage of the lower pricing that it offers.

Q: Is there anything I need to do to get access to parts and prices offered in the latest Truckload Program?
A: In order to have access to the latest part numbers and list prices, CCC Estimating users need to stay up to date on MOTOR updates that the client prompts them to install.

Q: How do I learn about program updates and changes?
A: Ford updates the Truckload Program twice a year, and the updates flow to CCC Estimating through MOTOR data updates.