CCC ONE Touch 2015

CCC ONE™ Touch set a new industry standard. Are you using it?

CCC ONE™ Touch has changed the way estimates are written with a simple, easy-to-use tablet device.

Today’s savvy consumer has high standards for customer service and efficiency. With CCC ONE™ Touch, you will not only improve your productivity and the accuracy of your estimates by being face-to-face with the damage, but you will provide an exceptional customer experience they won’t forget.

Gone are the days of cameras and clipboards. With CCC ONE™ Touch, you are carrying only a Windows 8.1 tablet. Rather than sending customers to your lobby while you take notes and rekeying that information into your system, you include the customer as part of this high-tech experience, creating trust and helping them to understand and control the process.

And because the growth of our company is based on the growth of your company, we are offering all of this functionality at no additional charge to all CCC ONE estimating customers with Digital Imaging.

Need Digital Imaging?

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Technical Requirements

CCC ONE Touch works on Windows 8.1 devices (or greater) that cost as little at $179. Below is a list of recommended devices.

10-Inch Tablets

Surface3 Microsoft Surface 3 ~ 10.8” HD Display 1920×1280Surface Pro 3 is not supported due to insufficient camera specifications. $499
Lenovo 10 Lenovo ThinkPad 10 ~ 10.1” Display 1920×1200 $539
Toshiba Encore 2 10 Toshiba Encore 2 WT10-A32 ~ 10.1” 1280×800 Display $249
Dell Venue 11 Pro Dell Venue 11 Pro 5000 ~ 10.8” HD LCD Display 1366×768 $429

8-Inch Tablets

HP Stream 8 HP Stream 8 WWAN 4G ~ 8.0” HD Display 1280×800 $179
Toshiba Encore 2 8" Toshiba Encore 2 WT8-B32CN ~ 8.0” HD Display 1280×800 $179


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