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Unlock of power of computer estimating with the ease and capabilities of Comp-Est, the full-featured, and affordable shop estimating solution from the industry’s leader.

Comp-Est® Estimating Solution is the choice of more than 4,000 auto body repair facilities and is designed to handle the time-consuming details of creating estimates and lets you get back to what you do best: getting cars back on the road.

If you have a Comp-Est disk and are ready to learn how to use it, click here for our interactive Comp-Est Training program.

Need a more robust estimating solution for your shop? Try CCC ONE™ Estimating.


6 Reasons To Toss Your Handwritten Estimates

Comp-Est Is Easy To Use

With simple tabs and intuitive menus, you will be writing estimates in no time.


Comp-Est Is Cost-Effective

By saving time on data entry and eliminating estimate oversights, Comp-Est can pay for itself in under three months.


Comp-Est Knows Frames

The built-in frame and body opening dimensions database has more than 1,000 vehicles to help you increase productivity.


Comp-Est Is Connected

Estimate data is compatible with QuickBooks software.


Comp-Est Does Images

You can easily import images and scanned documents with the click of a button, tracking all your claim info in one place.


Comp-Est Has Your Parts

Our aftermarket parts database includes parts from across the US, saving you from tedious manual searches.



CCC Comp-Est® Estimating Solution

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" Comp-Est offers a better value than any other budget estimating tool on the market. "

Chuck Osborne
C E O’s Bodyworks Inc.
Baltimore, OH