‘Upscale Millennials’ more likely to adopt Usage-based Insurance

Deke Phillips / Insurance /

Afro girl laughing with friends on a road trip vacation (as published on Property Casualty 360) New research has found that nearly a third of millennials — those born between 1982 and 2000 — qualify as urban professionals earning in excess of $75,000 per year, according to Nielsen. That represents approximately 24 million U.S. consumers — a massive number by any stretch, and one that continues to grow […]

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It’s Time to Make Telematics Actionable

Greg Bannon / Insurance, Perspectives / (As published on Property Casualty 360.) Something is missing from the current discussion around telematics. Usage-based insurance (UBI) gets a lot of well-deserved attention, discussions around how telematics can be used in claims is growing, and the connected car vs. mobile vs. onboard diagnostics (OBD) as the dominate/preferred data collection method is being debated. But, […]

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Investing in Mobile Tech: The Way Forward

David Bliss / Insurance, Perspectives /

mobile_app_development Quick, what’s in your hand right now? If you’re like most people, it’s probably your mobile phone. In just a few short years, our mobile device has become the one thing we can’t live without. Each day we use it for everything from buying coffee, hailing rides, and taking photos to boarding airplanes, depositing checks […]

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CCC DRIVE™ Platform Harnesses the Power of Telematics to Significantly Improve Claims Management

Michelle Hellyar / Company News, Insurance /

Abstract network background New suite of telematics-enabled claims offerings uses real-time driving data to automatically detect a crash, initiate the FNOL process, predict the optimal method-of-inspection, and determine the likelihood of physical injury at the moment of impact CCC Information Services Inc. (“CCC”), together with its affiliated companies, has launched a new suite of telematics-enabled claims offerings that […]

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Telematics in Auto Claims is Inevitable

Scott Palmer / Insurance, Perspectives /

self driving electronic computer car on road, 3d illustration (This article was first published in PropertyCasualty360.) The use of telematics data in claims likely holds more value for your organization than the use of this data in underwriting. This assertion may not be capturing many headlines, but telematics integrated into the claims process represents a powerful proposition for insurers and consumers. And, this technology […]

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IAnet Selects CCC ONE® Appraisal Platform as its Preferred Solution

Abby Wilson / Company News, Insurance /

Businessman pressing social network button on modern digital display. Stock photo The cloud-based platform offers IAnet’s appraiser network a single solution to centrally manage appraisals and seamlessly connect to CCC’s expansive network of insurers and collision repairers CCC Information Services Inc. (“CCC”) announced today that its CCC ONE® Appraisal Platform has been selected as the appraisal solution of choice by IAnet, a leading independent appraiser (IA) […]

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Telematics in Claims – Discover the Possibilities

Hari Rao / Insurance, Perspectives /

ace article_hero The use of telematics data in claims likely holds tremendous value for your organization. In fact, driving data can transform claims. The challenge is how to operationalize the transformational power of telematics data in ways that are actionable and minimally disruptive to existing workflows. This infographic illustrates critical steps in the APD and Casualty claims […]

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A View into Appraiser Effectiveness: How Does your Staff Stack Up?

Bart Mazurek / Insurance, Perspectives /

simple_data (This article was originally published in Property Casualty 360.) A majority of my conversations with appraisal supervisors from auto insurance carriers include a discussion on appraiser effectiveness, which makes sense since these are the individuals that can have a significant impact on claim cost, cycle time and customer satisfaction. Most frequently, I hear that the […]

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